Support & Services

ARTIS (Europe) is developing a portfolio of Support and Services including, publications, lecture and conference organizing, as well as experienced advice and consultancy.  We can be contacted on 


ARTIS (Europe) has begun to produce its own publications and the first book, which is a compilation of papers from a conference on Faith and Modernity, is available from Amazon (in English and Farsi, in hard copy and on Kindle) through the link at the bottom of the page.  Just press the Amazon button.

If you want an English only hard copy, they are available directly from us at a cost of £9.50 (including postage & packing within the UK).  Just send us your email using the order request below and we will get back to confirm your name and delivery address.  After we have done that you can pay using the PayPal button below.  We will then arrange delivery. 

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