Incorporated in 2009

Research and

ARTIS (Europe) Ltd, under its President, Lord Alderdice, provides evidence-based Research, Teaching and Intervention Support with a particular focus on problems of psycho-social development, disruption and violent political conflict in communities and divided societies in various parts of the world.
John Alderdice created ARTIS (Europe) Ltd in 2009 to address violent political conflict and other challenging psychosocial problems.  He had been working with colleagues in the World Federation of Scientists on the problem of terrorism post-9/11.  At that time Lord Alderdice was the chairman of the WFS Permanent Monitoring Panel on the Motivation for Terrorism and worked closely with Professor Dick Garwin who was the chairman of the sister PMP - the Permanent Monitoring Panel on the Mitigation of Terrorism.  It was decided to take the work forward by establishing corporate entities - ARTIS International, based in the USA and ARTIS Europe in the UK.  They continue to collaborate closely, and with their global networks of colleagues, in addressing long-standing disturbed, historic, community relationships.

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Understanding is the basis for resolving problems and when we carry out research, whether own initiative or  commissioned, we try to work collaboratively with colleagues in academia, in business and in the community sector across the globe.


Having learned lessons through research and direct field-work, we communicate them to others through on-line, as well as more traditional, publications, lectures and conferences - extending the understanding of psychosocial problems and how to resolve them.


The purpose of all our work is to make a difference in situations of historic disturbed communal relations and this can best be achieved by appropriate well-informed interventions that are undertaken in collaboration with, or in support of, others.